The Origin

The Pioneers

The Brandy

The Curator

Bronze Base

We commissioned bronze sculptor Richard Wells to conceive and cast a unique bronze base for the bottle to rest on and to worthily display the 60 + year old brandy masterpiece. You will receive this work of art together with the bottle of 1962 – 7 Cellars Brandy enabling you to proudly display the rare brandy collectible in a prominent position in your own setting along with the framed certificate of authenticity.

Above: The bronze base detail from the original sculpture are all individually hand finished.

The rear of the bronze base shows the unique number that matches the bottle.

Contured to cradle the bottle, the bronze base is the throne where the precious brandy resides. 

A framed Certificate of Authenticity and the bronze base holding a bottle of 7 Cellars Brandy.

Certificate of Authenticity

The Certificate of Authenticity is a guarantee of each bottle’s part of New Zealand history. Signed by a Notary Public and by the curator himself, with the bottle number clearly stated, the certificate comes framed and ready to hang or display alongside or nearby your brandy. 

The framed Certificate of Authenticity is designed to be sophisticated and elegant without being too imposing.